Ángeles Gabaldón - Flamencotänzerin

Konzert im Kulturzentrum Gasteig // München

Am 30.3.2007 gastierte die Flamencotänzerin Ángeles Gabaldón aus Sevilla in München.


"Inmigración" lautete der Titel ihres Programms.


Mehr über Ángeles Gabaldón und weitere Videos ihrer Flamenco-Programme finden Sie auf ihrer Website: www.angeles-gabaldon.com


Hier ein Auszug aus dem Konzertmitschnitt. (Kameras & Schnitt: Inge Bell & Magdalena Grundmann)


Und das schreibt die Tänzerin über ihr Programm "Inmigración":


"The original idea of creating a production based on the universal phenomenon of immigration arises from a strong commitment and desire of presenting the great social relevance of this particular issue in present day society. Mostly because the phenomena of inmigration shows a frantic degree of acceleration, creating social unrest that exceeds the capacity of reaction of society in general, generating conflicts and tensions that always seem to end in apathy.


Therefore, from a cultural point of view, by way of the avant-garde expression, we want to offer a broader perspective of the immigration issue, and at the same time conciously spread the concept of culture arriving at generous confines of tolerance.


“Inmigración” is exactly that, a personal view over an universal phenomenon using the expressive force of scenic and performance art in an attempt to create a unifying vision, presenting our own experiences as migrating persons in the exaltation of the cultural blend and intermixing of all races.


All parting from the idea of Flamenco as art fusion (the fusion of two worlds), that is used now as a vehicle of expression in the same Andalusian geographical and cultural context in which it was born. Unmistakable, different expressions and language for a universal message.


This cultural fusion can be seen in the artistical structure of the Company which presents “Inmigración”: where we can find artists of many different nationalities, experiences, attitudes, ways of approaching life …. Art and culture as manifestations towards a reality of mutual respect, interaction and tolerance coexisting as one.


With this intent and commitment “Inmigración” is born."